Winning in an online poker tournament, is it easy?

Multimillion-dollar winning outlasting hundreds of professionals in an online poker tournament and global live coverage sounds interesting, isn’t it? It has all the ingredients to make anyone a fan of the game. Millions of players are playing poker online every day to earn big money master the art to be a professional player and champion one day. But, the tournament is a different ball game altogether as it requires a deep understanding of the game along with the brilliancy of strategy to deal with any situation. There is not much difference in terms of fundamentals, but tournament requires higher engagement, intense play, pressure handling, and of course brilliant performance to be a champion.

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Your first goal should be to “in the money” pool. With each elimination your chances to be “in the money” increases and you become equal claimant of the prize money. In the end, only the winner remains. So, it is all about relatively better play and remaining in the game with enough chips.


As an amateur, now you have some primary inputs to visualize the difference and thinking like a pro poker player. There is no end of learning in poker; here are some of the tips that will spark the passion of tournament play:


  1. It is good to be conservative in the early stage 


The tournament is all about calculations. Your effectiveness, accuracy, and speed in calculations make all the difference. When you play poker online tournament you have to measure the ratio of the cost of the hand and the chip stake. To begin with, the ratio, popular as M-ratio, should be above 25. You have to avoid playing weak hands and be aggressive when you have a strong hand. Your goal is to survive and keep building the chip stake.


  1. Count Hand Strength 


There is no such thing as best hand in poker1001 when it comes to winning. It is always a better hand approach that helps you improve the winning rate. Know the relative strength of your hand play according to the mood of the table. You have to be very attentive as your opponent will try to push you harder to commit mistakes. Avoid bluffing in the early stage of the game. If you know that your opponent won’t fold, it is time to go aggressive.


  1. Push-Fold Strategy


If you are dealing with players depleted chip stake, meaning M-ratio below 10, you have to be cautious about push-fold strategy. The “all or nothing” pre-flop approach helps you in surviving the game. Your aggressive approach with blind levels of 75/100 helps you maximize your odds of picking blinds.


  1. Eliminate Ruthlessly 


If you have a robust chip lead, the best strategy is to utilize your position in eliminating opponents and increase your chances. If you are near the bubble, you can leverage your position well.


  1. No Complacency 


If you have survived to be the top two players, then you simply cannot be complacent at this heads-up stage. You are just a step away from the mega win so maintain your focus and push a little harder to cross the line.


Playing poker online is all about information gathering and using the skill. At the tournament level, there is not much difference in gaming skill, but you will notice a huge difference in personality. The calm and composed player ultimately makes it. Keep learning, keep winning!


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