Support groups after Rehab

Support groups after Rehab

After completing alcohol rehab, evidence indicated that recovery support meetings are a safe harbor when you want to be out of harm’s way. If you’ve had a bad day you can go to a meeting and spend a couple of hours knowing that you won’t be able to use. By the end of the meeting you’ll almost certainly feel better and more motivated for recovery.

12 step groups are a source of hope, strength, safety, and guidance.

They do not define you as weak or powerless. Instead they encourage you to take control of your life by recognising your addiction and overcoming it.

They are not based on shame and labelling yourself in a negative way. Instead they encourage you to take responsibility for your life and to realize that you can stop your addiction. 12 step groups encourage you to recognise that an addiction is a medical disease and that you are powerless to change your genetic make up and the way that you respond to alcohol. But they also encourage you to realise that you have the power to change other parts of your life so that you don’t relapse in the future.

12 step groups encourage you to take a look at your life and see how you got into trouble in the past so that you don’t fall into the same traps in the future. 12 step groups encourage you to ask for help, whereas your addiction encourages you to avoid help.

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