Puritan’s Pride Discounts for the Remainder of 2020



The latest puritan pride coupon for all orders regardless the volume is RMN10MA and gives 10% discount on your cart. If you reside in the US or Canada you also get free shipping with this promo code. If you are looking for a more generous discount you will have to search for a discount coupon that gives 15% for orders that exceed $100.

Puritans Pride has been one of the leaders in the health and supplement industry for over forty years. Thus, they have established themselves as a respectable brand and consistently offer significant discounts in regards to their products.

In recent news, the company has announced that for the remainder of 2020 (and potentially beyond), customers can enjoy free shipping on any domestic order within the United States. In the past, clients would have had to pay a surcharge of $4.95. This adds up to significant savings; particularly when bulk orders are placed. Also, news coupons are regularly coming out for various product categories e.g. antioxidants, digestives, vitamins.

More Than Shipping Alone

Puritans Pride is now offering impressive discounts of up to 75% when ordering online via their retail portal. Therefore, consumers can enjoy even greater discounts in relation to the wide selection of vitamins, minerals and supplements currently provided. Many of these specials can be seen on their sales homepage.

Additionally, savings will accrue when one purchases more than one of each item. For example, three bottles of odorless garlic will equate to a discount of 65%. This increases to 75% when five orders are placed. Depending on the item, such savings can quickly add up go here.

There are numerous products to choose from and average ground delivery will take anywhere between three and nine business days. For those who wish to place a rush order, expected delivery times are cut to between two and three business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

The Rush to Christmas

This move is seen to be beneficial for several reasons. The holiday season tends to be one of the busiest times of the year in regards to vitamins and health products. Therefore, these savings can prove quite beneficial to those who may find themselves within a limited budget.

Secondly, the expedited shipping services and the waiving of all associated fees will enable one to further stretch his or her budget. When bulk orders are taken into account, it is expected that Puritans Pride will enjoy a healthy amount of inbound traffic during the autumn of 2020.

Notwithstanding these pronounced benefits, customers can also expect to enjoy the same levels of quality, client engagement and purity that have come to define Puritans Pride within the supplement marketplace. Still, it should be noted that free shipping coupon only applies to locations within the United States. International shipping rates will apply as normal, yet on-site discounts are still available. Such savings are an excellent way to prepare for the holidays ahead.



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