Sedex is Social Ethical Data Exchange, which helps in managing data of ethical supply chain. Sedex was founded in 2001 by a group of retailers to ease the monitoring practices and meet the social audit standards.

Sedex Audit cost may vary with the number of employees working within the premises of the auditee, whether the employees are permanent, temporary, contractual or agency workers. It also depends upon the type of audit auditee required, 2-pillar or 4-pillar audit.

For 2-pillar audit will be conducted on the following standards:

  • Labour
  • Health and Safety
  • Some additional elements are also covered,
  1. Universal rights covering United Nations Guiding Principle
  2. Entitlement to work
  3. Management Systems
  4. Subcontracting and Home working
  5. Some extent to environment (Shortened)

SMETA 2-pillar audit helps in auditing against Human Rights framework and Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code, Local Law and the additional elements listed above.



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