How to know exactly if your spouse is cheating online?

Does your spouse change on the internet? I guess you almost caught it, but you cannot say for sure. Here are some tips that will make this job much easier for you. Let’s start!

What do people do first when they meet online?

They send their photos to each other and probably save them on their computer. All you need to do is find these pictures, and then you can say that your spouse is cheating on dating sites. How are you going to do this? Really easy, go to the Windows search tool and find all the image files. Then look at them and see if there are photos of other men or women. It does not take long, and if you find it, this is very strong evidence!

What you need is to know where your spouse hangs on the Internet. You can do this very quickly by reviewing the history. If it is removed, you can check the sites where your spouse has been marked as a favorite or simply browse the Favorites folder in your browser. You can also use free software to restore the history, and there you will see all the sites your spouse visits!

If you want to know if your partner has registered on the dating website, you can simply go to Google and enter the full name of your spouse and the city where you live. It will give many results, dig there, until you get what you need. the need

Name and city of your spouse

Another excellent way is to enter the name and city of your spouse on Google to find out if he / she has profiles on the dating sites that appear in your search. You can also go to large dating sites or to a local dating site and try to find your spouse there. See what is written on your profile: single, divorced? Now is the time for you to enter the game and create a profile for yourself: find a beautiful image and send a message to your spouse. You can go to the next level and invite your spouse. If he / she agree, do not forget to show it on time, as it will be interesting.

But what happens if there are no photos or if your spouse uses a false name to open profiles on dating sites? You have no chance to find it through Google. It’s time to use the key logger and see your spouse’s Internet activity a bit!

Do not worry, because it is absolutely safe and there is no possibility of being caught. The software is completely invisible. The best part is that it will record all the websites you visit, all passwords and user names, emails, messages, chat activity. It is fairly easy to determine if your spouse changes online when you have this information!


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