Electric excavator Bobcat E10

April 8, 2018 at Bauma 2016, Bobcat will present a full-featured prototype of the new E10 Electric model, which is an electric version of the 1-ton excavator E10. Developed by specialists from the new Bobcat center in Dobris, Czech Republic, together with companies specializing in electric vehicle equipment, the E10 Electric micro-excavator parts is a new version of the model E10, already at the factory equipped with an alternative fully electric drive. Due to this, the machine can work where there is a ban on emissions of harmful substances, for example, in premises and basements. In addition to zero emissions, the E10 Electric has a low noise level: sound pressure is only 64 dBA.

The alternative drive system of the E10 Electric model includes an electric motor that can operate from rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or from a 400-volt power supply (a power cable connector is provided on the machine). To fully charge it takes less than one hour, after which the excavator can work for 2-3 hours without connecting to the mains. In addition, the new model E10 Electric can perform work operations simultaneously with charging the batteries from the network. Like the standard E10 model, the E10 Electric version has a ZTS body structure (zero turn of the undercarriage), and also has similar overall dimensions. Since the new machine is designed to perform complex demolition work inside buildings, it is equipped with additional lines and an efficient hydraulic oil cooling system for the continuous operation of the breaker.

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