Anatomical Memory – Improve Your Lifestyle & Wellbeing Quickly!

Do you desire to get in intimate get in touch with with your personal genetic codes? You can, and by undertaking so, can correct even harmful mutations search much better and really feel greater straightaway the crucial to performing this is genetic memory? ? Read through on for how to make an instant existence adjust that can be magnificent.

This is accomplished by “remembering” by genetic memory. This is the Konov Basic principle.

Sergey Konov is a writer, thinker, and movie producer. He has a number of films to his credit history, and has recommended we are all in a position to bear in mind via our genetic memory. He postulates that this memory is accessible, and when getting accessed it, the appropriate coding can be remembered, and re-installed (so to say) like a laptop software can.

Implications of the Konov Basic principle

Suppose you are sick with some disease. By employing the Konov Theory, you can revisit the time when the diseased element of you was whole and correct. This new condition is a wrong coding on the genetic memory matrix, and by actually acquiring in touch with by yourself, the re-put in is feasible

This signifies you can heal illnesses, re-set up your youthfulness, quit poor behavior, and drop fat, and so on. The implications are endless.

Genetic Memory

Certainly the discoverers of DNA were really astute in their results, and discovered the four coded proteins arranged in distinct coded matrices. Even so, are we only these sequences of substances? Nothing much more?

Sergey Konov has said that the chemical compounds are only the medium to retailer the memory, and the mechanism of genetic memory is not but comprehended. Not totally in any case. The simple pattern of kinds that develop these reminiscences is called Morphogenetic Fields (Rupert Sheldrake). Morphogenetic (offering beginning to type) seems to be the managing system that writes the genetic memory, and is recording in the genetic codes.

Making use of the Konov Theory

Making use of first of all the rest tactics of yoga, then yogic meditation upon the foundation of the genetic memory delivers one into immediate consciousness of the genetic memory itself. In this circumstance, remembering is completed by noticing, as when conscious of the genetic memory of a specific event or circumstance, whole understanding is quickly felt. One basically understands the perfect contained in the genetic memory.

For illustration, there is a diseased organ that has ceased to operate properly. This organ had been perfect at delivery, and labored extremely well for several several years. Contained in the genetic memory is that perfect pattern for the organ. This should be accessed, and when so retrieved, superimposed on the new memory for the diseased organ.

Therapeutic as a result can just take spot, as the genetic codes will begin to mutate back again to their best and original combinations. The healing follows at the cellular stage, then bodily, and the organ will get better.

The magic formula therefore is obtaining in contact with the genetic memory. This aware effort is the Konov Theory, and its effectiveness need to not be doubted. There are countless data of spontaneous healing (by what ever strategy its called), but in real truth, the healer or the sufferer discovered the way to the ideal matrix contained in the genetic memory.

Practical Programs

It is recommended that before one attempts to endeavor to get in touch with his or her genetic memory, he or she ought to locate that method to 1st chill out the human body, and management the ideas of the mind. There are a lot of yogic tactics that show how to do this.

When this is accomplished, direct and optimistic get in touch with with the genetic memory is possible, and the outcomes are fast and magnificent.


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